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Summer AC Tips

Summer AC Tips

While HVAC maintenance is a year-round job, there are seasonal tasks that all homeowners should complete to help your cooling system during it’s busiest time of the year.

Following these tips can ensure your air conditioner or heat pump perform optimally and keep your home cool without high costs. You’ll also boost indoor air quality and protect your system from surprise breakdowns which could put a damper on your summer plans.

  • Check your air filter. During periods of heavy cooling system use, the filter should be inspected monthly to make sure it has not become full of contaminants. You may find it necessary to replace it sooner than 3 months during peak times.
  • Inspect all registers and return air vents in your home to ensure they have not been blocked or shut. Blocked vents can restrict airflow through your HVAC systems, creating performance issues and system overheating.
  • Inspect your exterior cooling equipment. Remove any grass clippings and debris that have gathered on the unit. Trim away vegetation that has grown around the unit. Never store outdoor furniture or other items in the area immediately surrounding your AC unit.
  • Inspect your cooling system’s drip pan and drain lines. If these components become clogged with mold or algae growth, condensation from the cooling process cannot exit properly. This can cause the cooling system to malfunction, or water to back up indoors, causing potential damage.

Checking off the items on this list should mean a cool and comfortable summer for everyone in your home. If you need any assistance completing these steps or find issues when you do, call us for professional help you can trust!


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