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We're On TV! Holmes + Holmes featuring Brooks Heating & Air

Contractor extraordinaire Mike Holmes has helped hundreds of people get the home or renovation they deserve, but now the homeowner who needs a hand is his son Mike Jr (MJ). "Holmes + Holmes" documents their working and personal relationship as they tackle the renovation of MJ's 750-square-foot bungalow, and the pair also buy worn-down properties and turn them into dream homes.

Season 2 of "Holmes & Holmes" on HGTV Canada has now started and we are very proud and excited to be the featured HVAC company at the "country home". Brooks Heating & Air was responsible for all of the HVAC work including the installation of the wood burning furnace, the air conditioning, water heater and fireplace.

Working on camera was a unique and fun experience for the Brooks team and the father-and-son element to the show was right at home for Chris Brooks and son Lucas. As a family company we take pride in teaching our children the value of work in the trades and hope that it can inspire others, and fans of the show, to consider the same vocation.

Watch for us Sundays at 10pm on "Holmes + Holmes" on HGTV!

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