Why Choose Napoleon Products?

Our home is often our greatest investment, and when it comes to heating and cooling, you want to be sure that your selecting the best products and providers for total home comfort. Chris and our technicians have been in the field installing and repairing equipment for many years. They have learned through experience which brands stand the test of time and provide the most quality and confidence for customers.

At Brooks Heating & Air we truly believe that Napoleon's heating and cooling equipment is superior, exceeding both industry and consumer expectations. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Napoleon is committed to leading the way, time and again, with new innovative patented technology.

  • Advanced engineering and design means unsurpassed quality, which is evident in Napoleon's superior warranties, unmatched by competitors.

  • Napoleon has challenged industry standards, and improved on them by manufacturing their high quality products in Canada, where most companies have chosen to outsource manufacturing and subsequently have less quality control.

Napoleon products top our list for quality, efficiency and warranty, which is why we chose to carry them. As technicians, we also know that proper installation is the biggest factor for optimal performance. Don't leave it to anyone, call a trusted professional. Call Brooks Heating & Air.

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